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Your current situation is NOT your final destination

Your current situation is NOT your final destination

When I first saw the quote “your current situation is not your final destination” I was inspired, and it got me profoundly thinking. Here are some reasons why this is true and how to make it real.

We must be patient!

A lot of times we find ourselves in these situations of hopelessness - we wonder “when is it my time to shine?” We’ve all heard the mantra, “patience is a virtue,” and it indeed is because your time WILL come. I do believe the world works in mysterious ways and we're eventually rewarded for our efforts in some form or style. It’s all about showing up, staying positive, and most importantly keeping consistent with your goals.

Keep taking action

You have to keep grinding - keep pushing yourself to your best potential every day; there isn’t a day where you shouldn’t be giving 100% of your best work. It doesn’t matter if you’re an executive, a retail worker, or a beginning entrepreneur you must perform. Soon or later your constant grinding will be rewarded, noticed, and bound to elevate you to higher potentials. I’m sure you have had it happen sometime in your life; look back to that moment and use it to encourage you. That moment when you forced yourself to go to the gym, study, or stay a little late and you reaped the benefits in your body, grades, or paycheck. Action, action, action!

We continuously grow and evolve

This is probably my most treasured piece of advice here. On your journey to your success, you will evolve and change - it’s a beautiful thing. I can’t speak enough about how I’m such a different person than I was three years ago. How this relates to the topic is that you as a person may change. You may love to golf, practice martial arts, or sing for instance. But next year, you may meet someone or get involved in a new activity that changes you forever. Who knows you may end up pursuing something you’d never have thought.


If you’re reading this, you and I know you want to succeed, and I want you to too. Where you are now isn’t the end all, DO NOT feel sorry for yourself because you’re not at the financial level or some comparable level as those around you. We are unique beings with inspiring stories and journeys yet to come. Stay hopeful, stay positive, and stay you!

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Tell them how you really feel

Tell them how you really feel

Diet is more than what you eat!

Diet is more than what you eat!