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READ THIS: Time IS NOT to be wasted!

READ THIS: Time IS NOT to be wasted!

YOU DO NOT have time to waste. Neither you nor I have time to just loan out and play with uselessly.

Something that we all need to realize is that every moment of our lives is precious.

Something hit me the other day, I was walking past a guy talking to his friend when I overheard him saying that he has so much time on his hands, he’s bored. He continued to say that he just spends extra time at work to alleviate the boredom because he has no idea how to spend that time.

I was completely dumbfounded when I heard this, and couldn’t stop contemplating those statements that came out of his mouth.

I waste no time! Every minute of my life I try to put to best use; for example, I bring my book everywhere so I can continue my pursuit of knowledge and self-growth. Whether that’s in line to get food, at work when I have downtime, or engaging in some other form of waiting - I’m occupying my time wisely.

I think we all need to become inundated with the ideology that time waits for no one. Spend your time with people you truly enjoy, say NO more, read books and articles that actually intrigue you, do things that interest you and help you become the BEST you with your precious time.

I hope this… was worth your time.

Much love,


Why Solitude Is Good

Why Solitude Is Good

Why is it so hard to take ACTion?

Why is it so hard to take ACTion?