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What we can learn from Virgil Abloh: Wielding our dreams into fruition

What we can learn from Virgil Abloh: Wielding our dreams into fruition

While watching one of my favorite fashion icons, Virgil Abloh (the artistic director of Louis Vuitton), in an interview with English model Naomi Campbell, he gave a response that has stuck with me since. Naomi asked Virgil, “how did you get this job?” Virgil replies, “I dreamt about it. . . I wielded it into fruition. . .”.

We need to stop and really analyze what Virgil just said here; a man with a degree in Engineering and Architecture just said he “dreamt” and “wielded” his way to being the artistic director of Louis Vuitton. This is a powerful insight from a man who has and is doing extraordinary things in the fashion industry.

We all have our dreams and goals that we’d love to accomplish, but what is stopping us from going after that drive to achieve it? I know, fear, uncertainty, judgment, security - trust me, I feel it too. It’s something we need to let go of though, we need to live on the edge of uncertainty! We have to seek discomfort and embrace it to learn and grow ourselves into stronger beings.

You know, it sucks, I feel like at a certain point in our adolescence we all had these dreams of being astronauts, firefighters, artists, and what not and society has stomped on us - not letting us wield those dreams. We were told that you’ll never be able to attain such things and just to pursue a trade or degree that’s not honestly where your heart lies.

There’s a problem with that, we’re living the lives of others at that point; we’re no longer becoming who we are meant to be. I also believe we get caught up in the notion that money is the biggest motivator for happiness, which it isn’t. Somewhere down the line of pursuing our dreams, we think this isn’t going to make me enough money or our parents tell us these things, and we abandon them in totality. This isn’t right.

If we look at Virgil, in that interview, he says his father wanted him to become an engineer, and he did it because he felt that it was the least he could do for him; however, we see he went into a field utterly opposite than what he studied, is there deeper meaning behind this? I think it is very inspiring, Virgil still went to pursue his goals and eventually made it far and beyond what he could’ve expected.

Now, it is time we do the same thing with our lives. It’s not too late to make a change and turn our lives around and follow those dreams. It’s not too late to leave that job you hate so much, it’s not too late to manifest the life you SHOULD be living and reinvent yourself! We need to have this drive that’s so strong nothing can impair it. 24/7 there should be this fire in you of achieving more it should consume your thoughts and desires; the passion and perseverance you wield should speak through your actions, let it be contagious.

Every day is a new day to pursue and wield your dreams into fruition, and we need to harness this ideology every second of our life until we make the progression in our right directions.

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