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Diet is more than what you eat!

Diet is more than what you eat!

I saw a video on Facebook a while back that has resonated with me ever since; a man on a radio interview was explaining how our diets are more than what we physically consume. Think about that for a second. . .

Our diets are comprised of what we absorb into our minds, body, and souls! Not just our body.

This is has been such an essential factor in the way I live my everyday life because it has allowed me to realize how particular I need to be on what I subject myself to.

Dieting for the mind

Really filtering what we let into our minds is detrimental to our well-being and success. I say that because our minds are these powerful computers able to process cognition, emotion, perceptions, and senses of all kinds. Would it be a shame to let a virus into this computer of a brain we have? I mean, what do viruses do? They infect and degrade the host, in our case, our minds.

We need to curate what we subject ourselves to at all times, we can’t afford not to.

I’ll provide a few examples:

Somewhere in our lives, we’ve had that one friend or co-worker who is continuously negative-doesn’t ever look at the bright side of things - he/she is a drag to be around. We don’t need that person around us or infecting our minds with those negative vibes!

Or social media, for instance, is a perfect example; stop following CRAP people and pages, we can control how we feel and if you’re following graphic, uninspiring, mentally draining pages it will drain you too. Be decisive and curate what you subject your intelligent, fruitful, beautiful mind to.

Dieting for the body

We have to. . . no, we MUST care and really be deliberate about we consume and subject our precious bodies too. You know you get only one of these fantastic things called the human body, right? Fuel this machine with the best of foods, give this machine organic, enriching, nourishing meals to let it perform the way it should.

Have you ever eaten candy or some sub-par food and you later feel indigestion and uneasiness about your system? It’s probably because our body is rejecting it and its way of telling you “yo, this crap ain’t cool, bro” seriously this is important.

I know eating healthy isn’t always a choice for everyone because it can be costly, that’s something we can’t deny, but please we need to make it a priority for ourselves. What we eat affects our moods and energy levels there are direct correlations between food and mood- let’s keep the right moods.

Dieting for the soul

I feel that everyone has some sort of spirituality that brings them to their zen place, and that should always be embraced. Filter the stimuli you’re around so that you can reach that state of zen when need be.

For myself, I’d like to consider myself a pretty positive, upbeat, optimistic guy as will anyone who knows me will probably vouch for that. I don’t have time to allow myself to be around things that are going to influence my spirituality or sense of well-being negatively.

I surround myself with like-minded people, books, shows, that helps me achieve that state of calmness we all need to have.


We owe it to ourselves mostly to make the best of this life, and to nourish it as much as possible.

We only have one life to live, so we may as well attempt to make it a long meaningful one because life is too short for the latter!

Will you invest in yourself more? Let’s do it together.

Much love,



The beautiful model in the picture is my good friend & travel companion @olenkaandabak


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