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I yearn to help others reach their max potentials

I yearn to help others reach their max potentials

I guess you could say I'm doing reasonably well for myself in life. Actually, yes, I'm doing pretty fucking well at life right now, and it's nothing to sugar coat. However, I enjoy being extremely humble about it, and I get very uncomfortable when people call me out on my lifestyle and give praise to it.

I'm 23 years old, and I have lived all over the world, literally. I spent two years in the United Kingdom, one year in South, Korea, and I'm preparing to live in Japan for the next two years in a couple of days. I'm insanely lucky for how things played out in my life. However, I can't forget how much of it was pure effort! I made conscious choices in life, leading up to these moments. I chose to educate myself and open my mind to other opportunities in life, so a lot is due to my intrinsic motivation to perpetually better myself.

I guess one could say nature vs. nurture had a lot to do with it - how my environment and parenting shaped me, which it did. I grew up with two loving parents who always pushed me in the right direction, and I always surrounded myself with positive friends and neighbors growing up. But, I realize, not everyone had it as I had. That's something I genuinely want to fix - to help make a difference in my peer's lives.

I really do get uncomfortable when I'm back home visiting; family and friends shower me with "OMG YOU'RE SO LUCKY!" or "you're just living your best life!" All while knowing they're still in the same place not progressing much, unfortunately. Then again, who am I to make that judgment about people I haven't talked to since I graduated? It's a nasty availability heuristic at play.

I want to help, inspire, connect, and grow those people who feel like their lives are in a rut — reminded, even until this day, that I'm the most motivating, determined, passionate, caring, etc. I wholeheartedly want to use this talent and skill of mine for a greater good; develop some program, mentorship, coaching service so I can help get them to their versions of success.

That's where I am. Stuck on this vision I've always had. I've always been that guy wanting to help others' reach their max potential and truly live their "best lives." I think it is highly essential because it is all possible! For me, a life-changing read this year was "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" by Ramit Sethi; that book has taught me to live my rich life NOW... and also invest and allocate money to savings. But, how he laid it out was life-changing, you must read it.

That's my rant; I hope whoever stumbles upon this enjoyed my hopeful vision of how to make the world and its people better.

All love,

-Tremayne Sullivan

A life of greatness is a never ending pursuit

A life of greatness is a never ending pursuit

Why Solitude Is Good

Why Solitude Is Good